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Infinity Business Consulting

Business planning, market research, and strategic planning are combined to identify and move toward a desired future position of profit. We use the process of developing and implementing plans to reach goals and objectives by applying best practices.

MGP Infinity provides a superior launch platform for a client's business model. Our professionally researched, narrated and presented documentation incorporates funding presentations, feasibility analysis, investor teasers, executive summary, business plan, detailed financial modelling and analysis and reporting as well as a prospectus, investor memorandums, and detailed market research.

For a longer-term business outlook, normally extending the business planning horizon from three to five years up to 20 years depending on the planning requirements, MGP's Infinity Business Consulting solution is a cost-effective solution which exceeds a client's business strategy and financial model expectations. We have combined four cross-populating characteristics. These are outlined below.

Business  Plans

A business plan is a road map that provides directions that allows a business to plan for the future. mitigating risks and avoiding any pitfalls.

The time that is spent on creating a thorough, accurate and professional business plan and also keeping it up-to-date, is an investment that pays dividends in the long term for any business model.

Our bespoke business plans are available for funding and/or internal business planning requirements.

Financial Models

Our bespoke financial modelling incorporate the detailed financial analysis of a business model to be projected into the future, normally for three to five years, providing profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flow and business model ratio  analysis.

A professionally prepared financial modelling exercise details the underlying logic of the business model.

Prospective investors will be presented with the financial analysis that encompasses the essence of the business model to make an investment decision.

Financial Reports

We deliver a professional analytical review of the business or specific project results.

An original, well researched and documented financial report will provide decision makers with the opportunity to analyse variations from the expected results.

The specific comparables and the expectations of results as well as the detailed analysis of trends, cash flow and cost reduction measures are presented.

Market Research

We focus on providine original and informed research.

MGP Infinity delivers a specialist insight into the chosen market, sector, location or industry.

We study the existing market, analysing competitive influences, opportunities and threats as well as highlighting useful information.

The market research report is the basis for a decision making tool. It is delivered in a detailed, referenced and concise report format.

Market Research may also form an integral component of the business planning analysis model.