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Please Note

1. We are requesting the details prior to presenting you with a proposal and quotation for our services. The details which you will provide are important to us. This will form the basis for our understanding of the current circumstances surrounding your business model which you are presenting to us. (i.e. is it a concept or at the feasibility, start-up. seed, expanding or IPO stages).

2. We will provide you with our itemised proposal and quotation based on the details that you have provided to us via this questionnaire. This will also outline our proposed methodology and terms of service.

3. When our proposal, quotation for our services and the payment plan is agreed between us, we will request further details regarding your business model. These details will be requested via a more detailed questionnaire as well as via skype or email correspondence during the interactive client drafting and sign off process

Our Funding Disclaimer

Funding processes and loan procedures will differ between loan arrangers, lenders and providers in the syndicated financing market, it is not our responsibility to assist any project owner or project principal in the funding of any project or the related fees that you have agreed to pay to any third party involved in the transaction.

Any offers made by us will involve a full disclosure of the loan arranger, lender and provider procedure as it is known at the time of providing you with the initial offer made by the provider.

Any subsequent points raised by the loan arranger, lender and provider are for agreement directly with the project owner. As facilitators and based on our mutually agreed funding facilitation working agreement, we are available to assist at any point during the funding process and financing agreement procedure.

We DO NOT Guarantee that funding will be raised for every project presented to us.



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